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Camera Photos
The repository of all pictures taken by our digital camera is stored on a server at our home. It is avaiable as long as our NAS server is switched on.
It may be off-line occasionaly for maintenance or if we leave the house for several days (e.g. for holidays).
DSM 7 Our NAS server recently updated to DSM 7.
This has drastically changed the web interface to our photo collection, unfortunately the current links to specific albums and individual photos no longer work!
It is still uncertain whether the former functionality can be restored.
For now, try this link: synologyphotos
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photos Google Photo's / Picasa
Google+ doesn't exist anymore. Hence there's no way to link to our public albums. Instead we will share links to occasional albums with everyone interested.

Because the server we store our digital pictures on, is accessible over the internet nowadays, we’ve given up other places to store them (like fotopic.net and picturetrail.com).
Pictures can be downloaded from our photo server, by clicking the “Download” link below an individual picture. This may be laborious if you need more than a few.
If you know how to use a FTP−client, you may which wil be valid for a limited period of time, to download the pictures directly from our NAS server.
About printing:

Pictures viewed on our own server (NAS) − that’s the top-most link on this page − can be downloaded in their original resolution. Which is sufficient for printing.
To learn more about this NAS server, please download and read this document.
Which is in Dutch.
Pictures on other sites may be reduced in size, to optimize transfer over the internet. So always try to find the originals on our own server. Knowing the date will help locating them. If not, take note of captions, names and/or places you’ve seen them and You will receive the addresses, if possibly, by e-mail reply.

© Unless noted otherwise, all rights on photographs are reserved by Harry & Lenie du Mez. Copying for personal - non commercial - use is granted.